Painter, Illustrator and Author.

Ninety percent of my creativity is born out of who I am, how I'm not accepted and how the world perceives me. Yet, a small innate portion of my creativity was birthed in innocence, which I instinctively protect from the harshness of our society. As a social justice advocate and activist, my paintings often depict the lives of people who have been disenfranchised and marginalized. My work philosophically explores themes of racism, homophobia, and gender bias, all based on my truth.

Artist Adrienne La Faye has accomplished an enormous amount of work in a seven-year span. She's a disciplined public, local, and full-time national artist.

Ms. La Faye established the “Renton Outside Art Gallery, in 2017.” She received an award from Governor Mike Inslee for her exceptional contribution to Galvanizing Public Art in Renton, WA.  Also a recipient of the 2016-17 Soloist Art show in the City of Seattle’s Mayor, Ed. Murray’s Art gallery, where she exhibited 4 series that consisted of twenty-one original paintings.

Office of Arts & Culture selected her to participate in the “Ethnic Heritage Artist Roster.” In 2013, La Faye conceived the “La Faye Artist Workshops” for various organizations, teaching children and adults how to draw and paint.

Innately compelled to be a narrator of world affairs through the painter lenses, a woman, an activist, lesbian, and an African American; and purposefully adding beauty to the not-so- beautiful. Innately a storyteller, she uses her subjects to depict the disenfranchised and the marginalized, while utilizing her exceptional skills as a COLORIST. Author and illustrator of the upcoming middle-grade book: “Dream Jumpers: The Inheritance.”

KING5 TV EVENING MAGAZINE aired a featured interview of Adrienne’s life as an activist, artist and teaching artist in 2017.

She continuously participates in solo and group exhibitions and has won numerous grants and awards for painting excellence. Ms. La Faye is currently a commissioner for the city of Renton. She’s a graduate of the University of Washington and the Art Institute of Seattle.


Bree Newsome and the South Carolina Nine © Adrienne La Faye, used with permission of the artist.

Bree Newsome and the South Carolina Nine © Adrienne La Faye, used with permission of the artist.