I'm not a trained artist; they call me a visionary, an "outsider" artist. My work comes out of my relationship with God. While I worship, I create, and while I create, I worship God.

I was drawn to mosaics almost accidentally. While repairing the termite-damaged floor of a house I was renting, I was given some broken tiles. I glued them to the floor to cover the holes. One thing led to another, and pretty soon the floor and walls were covered with materials. I covered one whole wall with pennies.

When I started, I was gathering and collecting materials with a shopping cart. I took junk and trash off the streets and alleys and turned it into art. Now some of that junk and trash is hanging in museums. I still find my materials just about anywhere, making art out of what the city has to offer.  I pretty much use what ever is in season.

The materials I use have no particular meaning.  I don't spend much time thinking about the reason behind the work.  I get an idea and I proceed.  I work with whatever I have on hand at that moment.  I don't search for colors or materials, I use what finds me.  I feel this keeps the process of making art as simple as possible, leaving me more time to create.

When I first started doing art everything had a religious meaning behind it. I've since then expanded, allowing my creative process to take me wherever it wants to go, no holds barred.  When something's in your heart, you can't contain it.