Black Panther

Black Panther’s Right Thing by FILMCRITHULK

How Seeing 'Black Panther' With My Students Genuinely Changed My Life — And Theirs by Zahida Sherman

Ibi Zoboi on Twitter: "I absolutely love that #BlackPanther is bringing Pan-Africanism into the national dialogue. This is the hill I'll die on so I'm gonna share some things & connect them to children's books & education. THREAD!

What ‘Black Panther’ Means to a Black Baby Boomer by Donald Byrd

Wakanda Forever: Using Indigenous Futurisms to Survive the Present by Adrienne K


Erik Killmonger Is Not A 'Super-Villain,' He Is A Super-Victim Of Systemic Oppression

Killmonger is the possessor of un-tempered black rage.

Ameer Hasan Loggins


How Erik Killmonger Illustrates The Complex Identities Of First Gen Black Immigrants

"What makes me powerful is having these two identities wrapped in this black skin."

Khemani Gibson

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Why Museum Professionals Need to Talk About Black Panther by jhuexhibitionist

What Black Panther Gets Right About the Politics of Museums

In one scene, the blockbuster superhero movie touches on issues of provenance, repatriation, diversity, representation, and other debates currently shaping institutional practices by Lise Ragbir

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