Mass Incarceration

Plantations Were Prisons: An Interview With Law Professor Angela A. Allen-Bell


The Untold Story of Mass Incarceration by Vesla M. Weaver

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John Grisham: Eight Reasons for America's Shameful Number of Wrongful Convictions

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A Brief History of America’s Private Prison Industry

“You just sell it like you were selling cars, or real estate, or hamburgers.”

Madison Pauly

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80% of Incarcerated People in North Carolina Perform Labor, Including Making License Plates, Cleaning & Making Furniture for the For-profit Company Corrections Enterprises.

They earn between $0.40 and $3 a day. Some fight wildfires for $1 per day.

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Pariah seeks to explore the aftermath of mass incarceration and injustice; and most importantly, to chronicle the trauma and scars perpetuating within ex-prisoners. How they suffered the lashes of a system that believes eternal punishment and death can discipline and dominate people, just like slavery.

This series exists to express the pain and difficulty most face when trying to integrate back into a society that rejects ex-prisoners after having been essentially vomited by a system created to welcome them back into a loop of self destruction.

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Alice Marie Johnson Granted Clemency After Trump Meeting with Kim Kardashian West to Talk About Her Case Last Week.

This is her story and the video that started it all:

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Mass Incarceration Has Dark Roots to the Largest Slave Auction in American History by Anne C. Bailey

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Largest Prison Strike in History

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How For-profit Prisons Have Become the Biggest Lobby No One is Talking About by Michael Cohen

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An Artist’s Bond with Her Imprisoned Father

In Sable Elyse Smith’s exhibition Ordinary Violence, the artist’s father is both muse and specter by Cora Fisher.

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